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Admission Procedure

Check application requirements for each school 

Education in Canada is the responsibility of our individual Provinces, and because of this we do not have a central clearing house like UCAS in the UK or the Common App in the USA. When applying to universities in Canada, generally you will be applying to each institution individually. There are exceptions though, such as the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) where you can apply to multiple universities on one single application. There are other provinces that have variations of the OUAC system, but for the most part you will be applying to universities individually.

Apply online in no time

Applications can be found and completed entirely online. As previously mentioned, the entire application should take you no longer than an hour to complete (probably closer to thirty minutes). Most applications only require your biographical information, educational history and information such as your intended program of interest and start date. Typically there are no supplementary information requirements such as letters of reference, essays or test scores. Again there are exceptions to this so please check with each university or the agents of the respective university.

Check application deadlines with each school

Canadian university application deadlines are typically later than in other countries. Most applications do not open until October of your senior high school year and deadlines range anywhere from January to June. Some universities also have multiple start dates to accommodate students studying in various countries or curricula. The “typical” start date is September of each year but some universities have January or even May start dates so there are many options for students.

 Check the type of application process each school uses

Many Canadian university programs operate on a “rolling admission” process, meaning that once we receive your application and transcripts we can evaluate you and make an admissions decision. Sometimes, from a complete application to the point of admission, an admission decision can be made in about one week! There are “competitive admission” programs as well which will not evaluate applications until after an application deadline has passed so make sure you understand what the application process is for your program of interest.

Know what final requirements you need to enroll

Canadian universities will typically offer you a “conditional offer of admission”. What this means is that we are admitting you to the program for which you have applied (or alternate program if you are not qualified for your preferred program), but there are certain conditions that you still have to meet in order to obtain full admission. Usually these conditions include maintaining your academic average and successfully completing your high school program and graduate. Be sure to read your admission offer letter carefully as there could be other conditions that aren’t as transparent or obvious. International students can also use these Conditional Letters of Admission to start the application process to obtain your study permit. All non-Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents are required to have a valid study permit to pursue studies that are longer than four months in length.

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